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Q: What is a Life-Cycle? 

A: All of life's transitions from one phase to another are life-cycles. for instance, When you go from being single or engaged or engaged to being married. You leave behind who you were and become a new you. This includes opening a new business or making updates.

You need a rite of passage to mark this transition in your life and prepare for the changes it brings. It's very important to have the support of your family and friends to witness the old you become the new you.

I specialize in Religious, Spiritual and Secular ceremonies from the womb to tomb. These include, but are not limited to:

*New baby/adoption

*Coming of age (similar to Quinceanera, Bar or Bat Mitzvah)

*Graduation/going off to college

*New companion animal/animal tribute

*After rehab; farewell to addiction

*New job/loss of job

*Starting a business/corporate events (new hires or business celebrations)

*New home/moving


*Wedding (with license)/Commitment ceremony (no license)

*Vow Renewal/Reaffirmation

*Milestone Anniversary

*Milestone Birthday

*End of Life (Celebration of life, funeral, memorial)

"Life passages are rough, fraught with spiritual potholes, even mortal dangers. some passages we know are coming; others happen upon us. Birth, coming of age, marriage, and death are widely anticipated as precarious moments requiring rites for their successful negotiation. But there are other treacherous occasions less regularly handled by ritual means; the start of school, abortion, a serious illness, divorce, job loss, rape, menopause, and retirement. More often than not, these events, especially when they arrive unanticipated, are undergone without the benefit of ritual."

             From Deeply Into the Bone by Ronald L. Grimes

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